Can California’s AB60 driver license lead to deportation?

The AB60 California drivers' license may ultimately lead the illegal immigrants to drive themselves into their deportation by making them more identifiable. Read more about the ramifications of applying for an AB-60 driver license on our blog.

USCIS expands in-person interviews for specific Permanent Residency applicants

As of October 1, 2017, USCIS will expand in-person interviews for employment-based permanent residency applications (form I-485) and Refugee/Asylee relative petitions (form I-730).

What are your chances of appealing a removal order?

A removal order appeal depends on "changed conditions" in your life. Each situation is different, but there are ways of reopening such immigration cases. For more information, read our post on removal order appeals.

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Visa Bulletin For September 2017

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