Attorney Dulay meets California Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang

Attorney Gail Dulay meets California State Treasurer and Gubernatorial Candidate John Chiang, at an event hosted by Lim Nexus, a premiere civil litigation law firm in Los Angeles.

Attendees include community leaders, including a senior officer of the LA County Bar Association and IP law expert, a First Amendment rights attorney, and employment and corporate law attorneys.

Attorney Gail Dulay and John Chiang
Attorney Gail Dulay and California Gubernatorial candidate John Chiang

Howard Hom quoted in Los Angeles Times

Our own Howard Hom was quoted in the LA Times recently on an article about immigration backlogs. Los Angeles’ immigration backlog is only second to New York.

Professor Howard Hom
Professor Howard Hom

Howard Hom, an immigration attorney in Los Angeles, said some unscrupulous consultants tell migrants to file unjustified asylum claims so they can get a work permit and two or three years in the U.S. until their case is heard. Meanwhile, people with legitimate claims often wait years until they are able to be reunited with their families.

“Just making the judges go faster is not going to solve anything.  The solution is to feed fewer cases into the system.”

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DACA Program Discontinued

Attorney Jeff Sessions announced today that the DACA program for Childhood Arrivals which granted work permits will be discontinued. The program which came to life by Executive Order during the Obama Administration’s second term, is now effectively over.

Jeff Sessions announcing end of DACA program

Key points from today’s DACA announcement:

  • DACA Renewals

    Must be received and accepted by USCIS (not postmarked) by Oct. 5, 2017. Only expirations up to March 8, 2018 are eligible to renew.  More information on DACA deadlines via the LA Times.

  • Pending DACA Applications

    As of today Sept. 5, 2017 – Will be processed on a case by case basis.

  • New Applications

    No more initial DACA applications will be accepted after today.

  • Advance Parole Travel Documents

    All applications not yet approved will be administratively closed.

  • Approved Advance Parole Travel Documents

    Although not specifically revoked today, DHS continues to have the power to deny admission to the United States; revoke or terminate a Parole Travel Document as it sees fit.

    List of DACA Frequently asked questions:

We are deportation / removal defense specialists

Persons affected by the new policy should consult with experienced counsel, not with someone who merely fills out forms, in order to obtain meaningful legal information and advice.

While Congress sorts out the best course of action, we are available to assist with any questions you may have.  Our firm specializes in deportation/removal defense – we have a former Immigration Prosecutor/Immigration Law Professor on staff.

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Can California’s AB60 driver’s license lead to deportation?

Will an AB60 driver’s license drive you down the road to deportation?

California (via the AB60 drivers’ license) and eleven other states plus the District of Columbia all allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a driving privilege document. The state law makers who supported these laws justified giving drivers’ “licenses” to those illegally in the country by touting the safety benefits of having drivers on the road who had passed a driving test and more importantly, who carried liability insurance.

California law (AB60) requires that drivers’ licenses issued to individuals who cannot prove lawful presence include a recognizable feature on the front of the card, such as the letters “DP” (for Driving Privilege). In addition, the license plainly states that:

This card is not acceptable for official federal purposes. This license is issued only as a license to drive a motor vehicle. It does not establish eligibility for employment, voter registration, or public benefits.
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USCIS to expand in-person interviews for I-485 and I-730 applicants

USCIS more likely to interview I-485 (Employment based residency) and I-730 (Refugee and asylum) applicants

Starting on October 1st 2017, USCIS will expand in-person interviews for employment-based permanent residency applications (form I-485), and for Refugee/Asylee relative petitions (form I-730).

uscis office
USCIS expands I-485 and I-730 applicant interviews

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Professor Howard Hom to speak at Pincus Education Program

Professor Howard Hom

Professor Howard Hom, an immigration expert, will be teaching immigration law to attorneys at the upcoming Pincus Education Immigration Specialist Exam Prep program on August 24, 2017, for those lawyers who will be sitting for the Legal Specialization Test for Certification to become Certified Specialists in Immigration and Nationality Law.  The Pincus program is an intensive review course held prior to the actual test later in the year.

Pincus Education Program
Pincus Education Program

Former trial attorney

Professor Hom is a former trial attorney (prosecutor) with the Immigration & Naturalization Service, now called ICE.  He is a certified specialist in the Immigration and Nationality Law Specialty by the California Board of Legal Specialization.
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Removal order appeal – what are your chances?

Removal order appeal

Aliens unauthorized to be present in the United States are reporting to ICE as required by the terms of their stay of deportation or removal.  However, they are being served a removal order and told that they must depart within 30 days or less. This is happening even though these undocumented immigrants have been granted extensions of stays of deportation/removal in the past. Some of these unlawfully present immigrants are married to United States citizens or have children born in the U.S.
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