Attorney Dulay is a leading deportation defense attorney specializing in difficult cases. She has over 25 years experience in representing clients who face deportation most commonly for having committed fraud during the immigration process and other criminal offenses. She is one of the premier lawyers in San Diego, with specialized knowledge in criminal defense with immigration consequences as well as revocation of citizenship defense. In addition, Attorney Dulay also handles family immigration cases, fiancée visas, removal of conditional status, investor green cards, adjustment of status and naturalization.

Attorney Dulay has deportation clients from all across the U.S. and clients from overseas who have been denied visa and/or entry to the U.S. Many say she and Professor Hom are two of the best immigration attorneys in the country.

Attorney Dulay took and passed the Hawaii Bar exam in 2005 and was sworn-in the same year, bringing with her the immigration/deportation experience that she has acquired and skills she has honed over the years to assist clients in that beautiful state.

Attorney Dulay, in the midst of these achievements, has remained the humble, simple and sincere person that she is - a no non-sense lawyer; she only takes cases that she believes in and does not give false promises - only the promise to do the very best that she can.

She attributes whatever success she may have now with her having personal relationship with God and by being prayerful. Yes, she even prays for her client's to be victorious.

Attorney Dulay grew up in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She completed her Bachelor of Arts (History) at San Diego State University in 1985. She earned her Jurist Doctorate at California Western School of Law in 1987, where she completed her study in the two year accelerated program, receiving the highest scoring essay during the Criminal Law final exam. She was also a WESTLAW Trainer and volunteered as a tax preparer for senior citizens.

During law school she worked as a legal intern at the San Diego City Attorney's Office doing research and motion writing for the Criminal Appellate Division; as a law Clerk at Coughlan, Semmer & Lipman; and as a legal intern at Defender's Inc., where she assisted a blind attorney represent defendants who were charged with serious felony sex crimes.

In 1990, she was a Deputy Public Defender for the San Diego County Public Defender's Office in the Misdemeanor Unit. Only four years after passing the California bar, Attorney Dulay opened her own firm - the Law Offices of Gail A. Dulay, at 110 West "C" Street in downtown San Diego, where she remains this day. She has on staff, Professor Howard Hom, who himself is a Certified Specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, a former adjunct law professor and former INS Attorney and Prosecutor. Professor Hom has also been voted a Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer for more than 10 years straight. Whether as individuals or as a team Attorneys Dulay and Hom can very well handle those difficult, complex immigration cases.

One such case which even received great media and community attention was that of Shigeru Yamada, a 23 year old orphaned immigrant, who is of Korean-Japanese descent. Yamada, at 11 years old, came to the United States legally with his mother. He grew up in Chula Vista and studied at Eastlake High School. He was an honor student and continuously served his school by helping coach various sports teams there. He did not set out to become an over stay in the U.S., but was merely the victim of sad circumstances beyond his control. His mother, who died in a car accident barely 2 years after they arrived, had an application pending upon her death that would have lawfully changed their status.

Attorney Dulay was happy to represent Shigeru on a pro bono basis. She asked the Department of Homeland Security to take the rare step of allowing Shigeru to stay while she and his advocates pushed for his legal status through legislative means. Then Congressman, now Mayor Bob Filner and Senator Diane Feinstein both authored "private bills" that finally passed the House and Senate and eventually became law in December 2011 when President Obama signed the special legislation.

Another landmark immigration case that Attorney Dulay worked on with Professor Hom was INS vs. Yang, where they won victory in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. However, the U.S. Government was able to overturn the victory in the Supreme Court by only a one vote margin of five to four.

After more than twenty-five years of practice, Attorney Dulay is still excited to help deserving families stay together and realize the American dream. She has given her best to help her clients in the many cases that she has handled, both big and small. It is her desire to reach out and assist other deserving individuals in lawful immigration.